They Just Don't Get It

In the last two weeks Senate Democrats have brought several bills to cripple the oil and gas industry in the State of Colorado. That’s more than 100,000 jobs – more than 100,000 of their hardworking constituents and their families – they are willing to sacrifice in the name of 100% renewable energy.

Democrats don’t care that Colorado’s diverse energy portfolio has made our energy bill one of the lowest in the nation. They don’t care about the lost jobs. They don’t care about anything but earning a gold star from California Billionaire Tom Steyer.

Steyer’s policies are so extreme he can’t even get California to adopt them. They certainly aren’t in the best interest of Coloradans.

Join us in standing up against extremists like Tom Steyer and his pawns in the Colorado legislature. Senate Republicans are the only backstop we have from these dangerous proposals becoming law. Donate here today! 

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