Stand with the your Colorado Republican State Senators

We as Coloradans have always felt comfortable with balance in politics and balance in perspective. Recently, outsiders like Tom Styer and George Soros have gone to the unprecedented step of announcing their intention to bring their political will, their political agenda to Colorado by focusing their efforts on flipping the Colorado State Senate, thereby rendering the state helpless to defend itself from the unbelievably harmful socialistic leanings which have been percolating in the House of Representatives over the last several years.

The time has never been more important to maintain this sense of balance. It is absolutely true that all politics are local, so why are we allowing Styer and Soros to dictate what our politics will be?

We need your help to absolutely secure the well being of Colorado. We need you to become engaged as you have never been before and stand with the your Colorado Republican State Senators to deny those who would do this great state harm.

Please join us and give as you have never given before so that Colorado does not become just another notch in the belt of the left progressive environmental movement.

Thank you,

L. Roger Hutson
HRM Resources II, LLC

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