No to the vehicle mileage tax

The Democrat elites in Denver are at it again. They are actually working on a vehicle mileage tax. This will force you to pay the government for every mile you drive!

Rather than reprioritizing spending or looking for efficiencies in government, liberal Democrats want to track and punish you for every mile you drive.

Sign our petition and say NO to the Democrat plan to tax you for every mile you drive.

Who's signing

James Rogers
Mary Zachariah
Matt Nielsen
Louis Gordon
Loretta VanNorstrand
tim collett
norm Stevenson
Gary Fresch
Lynn Hurst
Jeri Barlock
Charlest Medina
Margaret Utz
Karen Douglas
John Ryan
Charles Morey
Susan K. Nichol
Rolf Kuepper
Rusty Burress
Deena Cabot
Ron McCaslin
sarah costanzo
Richard Black
jeff martin
Daniel Tyler
Peter Fortenberry
Clarence Blackwell
Kyle Mullen
Bob Balint
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