More Government, More Problems

Last year Senate Republicans asked government agencies to improve efficiencies and cut costs. They asked for a small 2% cut in budget requests for this year for every department but Education and Transportation.

Those agencies failed. Instead of finding ways to cut government, they found ways to spend even more.

That’s why this year Senate President Kevin Grantham and Senator Jerry Sonnenberg brought a bill to give that money back to YOU. Their bill just passed the Senate with EVERY Democrat in opposition.

Following up to that, Senator Larry Crowder passed Senate Bill 077 to keep government from double, triple, even quadruple taxing the sale of used vehicles. Once again, not a single Democrat supported the bill.

This is not acceptable. As the state tax revenues keep growing, greedy Democrats will jump at any opportunity to keep YOUR money.

It’s time to tell Democrats that more government is not the solution. Make a contribution today to build a strong Republican majority in the Colorado State Senate and sign our petition here!

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