Jenise May is taking money from Tom Steyer

“The mega-wealthy environmentalist is pushing to make major gains up and down the Centennial State’s legislature.” Green Billionaire Aims To Take Over Colorado’s Legislature – Daily Caller July 9, 2016

Our suspicions were correct. Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer is using his vast fortune in an effort to fundamentally change Colorado’s political landscape. He’s already invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our state and he even donated personal money to Jenise May.

Political analyst Floyd Ciruli said, “With that amount of money, he’s looking for vertical control of the ballot, taking over the state for his environmental agenda. And it’s a pretty extreme agenda. It is anti-hydrocarbon, it is anti-growth in general.”

Why is Jenise May aligning herself with someone as extreme as Tom Steyer?

Steyer only gives money to candidates who agree with his dangerous agenda. I guess we know where she stands now.

We need to get the word out immediately. We’re asking you to do just two things.

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