Gotta have Faith?

Last Thursday the House stayed late to debate the School Finance bill, arguably the most important bill of the session. Naturally we wondered, where did Faith Winter fall on the important issues presented in that debate?

One problem: she wasn’t there.

Instead Faith Winter was busy hanging out with her “bestie” U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) out in Washington, D.C. Can’t believe it? See for yourself.

You know what? We agree - we #gottahavefaith that OUR Senator will be there when it matters most, fighting for our kids, not running off to make BFFs with D.C. bureaucrats. We #gottahavefaith OUR Senator will answer to her constituents, not phone calls from her “besties” in D.C.

We #gottahavefaith in someone, but that person isn’t Faith Winter.

Put your faith in someone that will stand up for you, make a contribution today to fight back against candidates like Faith Winter.

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